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Behind the Scenes: Diaries of Zubias Threading Staff Charndeep Kaur

Featured ZT Staff for the month of September

Featured ZT Staff for the month of September

“…When men and women want eyebrow threading, they go to any shop. But when they want perfectly shaped eyebrows they just come to Zubias Threading…sometimes looking for me! And I feel like a star!”

-Charndeep Kaur, Zubias Threading Staff

Backbone of the Salon

While many employers boast of their unique brands, Zubias Threading (ZT) is proud of their incredibly diligent staff. ZT’s success not only lies on the excellent services and products they offer, but most especially on the backbone of their company, the skilled, talented, & hard-working employees. As a gesture of returning the favour to them, Zubias Threading would like to share to the world the inspiring stories of their staff behind those chocolate brown aprons!

Charndeep Kaur: A Person of Passion and Dedication

Charndeep Kaur, one of ZT’s staff assigned at Morley Galleria, has worked for the company for a year now and has made a difference since then.

Growing up in the suburbs of India and being well-accustomed in working, she has never hesitated stepping foot on a foreign land. Ironically, though the art of threading eyebrows has its ancient root from India, Charndeep Kaur had no personal background or innate skills of threading. But her being fond of doing practical things, she started learning the art of threading, fell in love with the discipline and developed her passions through professional training.

When Passion and Work Combine

Being away from home for more than a year now, generating income in a vastly booming country is surely a necessity. With her head on her shoulders, and her passion in her heart for threading, she gained a position in a threading salon which paralleled her dreams, no other than Zubias Threading.

There are many similar stores offering threading in Perth, Australia but not as outstanding as the ones offered in Zubias Threading. Using the words of Charndeep Kaur, “…When men and women want eyebrow threading, they go to any shop. But when they want perfectly shaped eyebrows they just come to Zubias Threading… I love working in Zubias salons as all the staff members and company directors are very co-operative and ready to help in any problematic situation.”

Alongside working for Zubias Threading, many people admire Charndeep Kanur for her golden voice! She still manages to sing with her band, play musical instruments, and teaching the younger ones of her talents.

The Roller Coaster Life of Threading

As a Worker in Zubias Threading, Charndeep Kaur has her fair share of highs and lows. Musing over to her memories, she shared her best and worst experiences as a ZT staff in a dialogue:

Q: What’s your best experience working in Zubias?

A: The best experience I could remember was the kind words of a Chinese girl who happened to be my client. She said, “I am getting my eyebrows from other salons in many years but no one has had done them as beautifully as you did today.”   And it was just my fifth or sixth month in Zubias! When the clients to whom I served want me to write down my name and availability to visit me again, I feel it turns into an appreciation. By saying that, it feels such an honour that they liked my services. I feel like a star every time, but this makes me more responsible for giving them a nicer service.

Q: What’s your worst experience working in Zubias?

A: I remember some time ago, I worked at Warnbro, had a very busy shift and missed the only bus in an hour at night and spent money riding a taxi to the bus station then reached home at 12.45 midnight. I have also encountered irate clients whom I handled properly with the help of fellow staff.

How Zubias Threading Changes Lives

Since Zubias Threading upholds a high reputation of their services, the company imbues to their team the importance of camaraderie and respect. As Charndeep Kaur shared, “I like talking and chatting with different kinds of people to explore new things. On every shift I meet people from different religions and countries, imparting their stories, adding to my knowledge about the world. I then realized that every person, especially women, wants beautiful eyebrows.  Zubias Threading taught me how to work with full zeal and zest for customers’ satisfaction.”

A Future with Zubias

Charndeep Kaur has improved a lot since working with Zubias Threading. She is thankful of her current achievements but is still aiming for further success.

Moreover, she encourages other people to work with Zubias Threading, “Definitely, I urge others to have a career in Zubias as it is widely spread in Perth, Australia and renowned for its exceptional services.

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