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Faezeh Alisamimi: A Picturesque of Congeniality and Charm at Work

“Whenever a customer walks in to the shop for the first time, I feel the urge of making them feel welcome – we don’t mean service with just a plain smile, true service equates to making each client feel like a star…that is how important making them special is- it’s the only way we could elicit their trust,subsequently encouraging them to keep coming back.”

 Faezeh (FaFa) Alisamimi, Zubias Threading Staff

Faezeh Fa Fa Alisamimi

Faezeh Alisamimi: From Iran to A Foreign Land

Crazy. Creative. Clever. These are only a few words to describe this Iranian lass! To be a professional beautician has alwaysbeen her greatest dream just like all the typical girls in town: playing with Barbie dolls’ hair must have ignited her imaginations when she was younger. What made her standout among the crowd were her charm, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn and develop the necessary skills to achieve her aspiration. Where did her dreams bring her? That’s an interesting story waiting to be told.

For 24 years, Faezeh (Fa Fa) has lived in a country distal from Australia, that is, Iran. In her hometown, she cultivated her dream of becoming a successful beautician by working in a small parlor for 2 years and eventually owning a humble beauty salon which she managed for 4 long years.

In the year 2012, Fa Fa arrived in Australia full of hopes in materializing her long-term goals. In a month’s time from landing in this rich land, Fa Fa got a job in Zubias Threading through a common friend who’s already and employee in the company.

As thrilled as she was, Fa Fa broadcasted the news to her family, and started working with a heart keen to learn new things. In her words, “I can remember how excited I was becoming a part of ZT! I can feel the warm welcome of the team, how friendly the environment was, and how accommodating my fellow staff was. I was immediately amazed by their leadership!”


The Joy of Working Her Dream Job

Who wouldn’t be happy to achieve her dream job? Fa Fa surely knows best!

“I can clearly remember how badly I wanted to become a hairdresser when I was a kid. I’ve played with my own hair and my relatives’ as well. My dream may seem too simple to some, but for me, it is more than that! To become a SUCCESSFUL hairdresser, you need to have a sharp mind, a welcoming attitude, and appropriate skills which need to be developed overtime. I can safely say that I have reached my goal, and now, I am a hairdresser and a beautician at the same time!”

A Day at Zubias Threading

Back in Iran, Fa Fa has been doing her job pretty well. But as she started in Zubias Threading, she realized that the proper ways and techniques of doing things are far from what she did in her country. “From the time I was trained in ZT, and up to now, I discovered how essential it is to follow the correct guidelines of each service especially on threading. I am here to beautify my clients, it is my job. I should act on it and not do the other way around. A mistake jeopardizes my customers’ well-being and dominoes on my job performance, and eventually reflecting the company’s integrity. That is why I always give my best in everything I do!”

Her Circle of Friends

For 3 years and 8 months of being a proud member of the ZT Team, she has developed strong bonds among her workmates.

When asked to name her closest friend in ZT, she replied, “Actually, I cannot say just one name. My love for my job is as big as my love for my workmates. Mahsa, Zara, Kinjal, Ela, Gayomi are the closest circles I have as I spend most of my time working with them, and they are a part of my heart now! Mahsa will always be my favorite girl in ZT, she is more than just my manager, she’s my best friend!”

Memoirs of a ZT Staff

Working on the floor makes a ZT staff stronger – you experience the joyous moments in catering kind clients, and gloomy days when everything seems to be in chaos. When asked about her memorable in ZT, she gleefully shared, “I am regularly receiving great feedback regarding my work especially in threading. Most of my clients say “It is the best (eyebrow) shape I ever had!” And I feel highly favored every time.

“Zubias Threading is not just a workplace where I learn new skills and tricks each day, it is a FAMILY. It’s like a chocolate that’s sweet, most people fall in love with it.”

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