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“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Favourite line of one of the Threading Experts and an enthusiastic Manager of Zubias Threading Midland branch salon, Jignesha Gujjar. She’s commonly known as a perfectionist, hardworking and a dedicated person by many.

Jignesha Gujjar


At age 18, Jignesha discovered her skill of Threading through with the help of her elder sister, who at that time will get married. It was her first time to explore and exercise her artistic side during the preparation period of the wedding. “I actually owe it to her, I benefited my skills from my elder sister’s years of experience. She’s been a good example for me, and my inspiration too. I like the way how she worked hard to provide the needs of her family,” shared by Jignesha.

Aside from her Elder Sister, she proudly adores her mother, Padmaben Prajapati, is the woman she firstly look up into. For her, she wouldn’t be what she is right now without the values and words of motivation taught by her. “I’m deeply inspired by my mother as she raised us all (5 children in the family) while working to earn money. She’s been a great help also to her family and in-laws. She never misses to be a boundless source of advice when we needed her,” teary-eyed and words from Jignesha.

“Through hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything. Showing respect is important too, most especially by respecting the elders. Lastly, despite of the success being achieved, do not forget to keep feet on the ground and pay visit to where you started,” she added. No wonder Jignesha remains humble because of the constant thoughtfulness her ever cherished Mother compassionately imparted.


Jignesha graduated a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from MK Commerce College situated in Bharuch, Gujarat on the year 2003. Though she finished Commerce degree, she knew by then that being a beauty expert is her dream role. Fortunately, she was able to equip her passion as a beautician when she was given by a chance to open her own salon. But her desire doesn’t end there, through researching into website, luckily Zubias Threading was opening an opportunity that immediately caught her attention. She instantly grabbed the chance and flew to Australia.

The job position firstly offered to her was being a Threading Expert. “My first day in Zubias Threading was truly difficult for me. Though I am knowledgeable in doing Threading, but I need to change my technique according to ZT’s method. A lot of practice I did either at work or at home just to improve my skill and method.

Secondly, I had a hard time speaking in English so there are times I found it difficult to talk to the clients. However, through perseverance and hard work, and to my highly motivating trainers, I was able to endure them now and today, I can say financially I am satisfied. I purchased my first family home here in Australia and together with my friends, who can visit me anytime, are enjoying the place too.


With no hesitation, Jignesha can proudly say she felt at home in Zubias Threading. “The ladies I work with are funny, so a lot of times we feel no pressure to work harder. I enjoy working every day in ZT and I like the flexibility of hours given to us. There are many opportunities ZT has to offer therefore more reasons for us to grow together in the company too,” she happily said.

Indeed, her 3 years of dedication working in ZT was highly recognized. Thus, from being a Threading Expert she was deservedly promoted into Zubias Threading Manager on the year 2014, and was assigned in Midland Branch Salon. Her dedication to understand fully the necessities of running the business, and the kind of enthusiasm she genuinely implemented made her being spotted. “I have been always inspired by my previous Managers and high Management team in ZT, I learned a lot from them and I owe my improvements to them.”

My goal of coming here in Australia is to look for a greener pasture and I am very fortunate to land in the right company. I took with great courage and hope, gave-up my business in India, and now living the life I know I can give my Son a better life.


“The most enjoyable part of my work is meeting different people with a wide ranging cultural backgrounds,” she declared. Though there are times she finds it difficult to handle negative feedback and to manage staff, she believed in her strong traits such as: strategic thinker, curiousity, courageous, determined to achieve perfection, action oriented and confidence, all these makes her a reliable leader.

When she got promoted, expectedly, there was an escalation in the load of tasks and it was an issue for her not to give time in dropping off and picking up her children from school. “Thankfully ZT understood the importance of my family, we had able to make an adjustment in our working hours and now I am enjoying the arrangement plus the understanding I obtained from ZT.”


“I expect ZT to continually be growing as a leader in Salon industry across Perth, Australia. More loyal clients and supporters will patronize ZT because of its excellent professional service and prioritized customer satisfaction offer. They are empathetic, transparent, ambitious, passionate and reliable. Likewise on my end, I see myself growing personally in all aspect of my life with looking forward to see myself 10 years from now I am still connected in the company. Admittedly, it is my weakness that I will not quit until I’ve done the best I can offer.”

Now, we saw a glimpse in the life of Jignesha Gujjar. We had come to conclude the reasons of her genuine kindness, and undeniable humbleness that came from a well-rounded, value-oriented mother. ZT Family has a lot of reasons to rejoice by having the presence of a supportive, loving, friendly and trustworthy, the manager in Midland, Jignesha.

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