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Awesome eyebrows—grooming is for you too, Men!

Grooming doesn’t limit to your hair and skin; your eyebrows can get a hand too.

To some men, eyebrows may just serve as protector from moisture from our foreheads and nothing more. But these crumples of hair also do other things, like helping in expressing your emotions. Whether you’re an active guy or not, your eyebrows work hard, day and night to keep those harmful stuff like sweat and dust away from your eyes.

So you know what these brows deserve? A reward from all those hard work!

If you’re into modeling, or you just simply want to have those bushy brows trimmed, you might want to try male threading those brows.


Men and women of today marry on later in life and have children, but that doesn’t stop them from being wary about their appearances. Despite the common notion that real men don’t pluck their eyebrows, the number of gentlemen who are into threading is growing faster.

One out of seven men pluck or wax his eyebrows, according to a study by the Co-operative Pharmacy. They usually try to hide the grey hairs on their eyebrows, and they also get rid of the mono-brows. Some may admit this, while most men won’t. But hey, nonetheless, it’s tested and proven that threading eyebrows can also add that extra something to your look.


Male threading has had increasing customers ever since. This allowed salons like Zubias to reinvent and specialize in grooming men, specifically threading eyebrows. Threading allows you to have your desired eyebrow look without the necessary shaping and arching like women do.

However, experts from Zubias Salon warn against grooming eyebrows and applying the female eyebrow shape on the male eyebrows. Men don’t have that natural arch on their faces, but rather have that straight, lower line, so just be careful.

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