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Now A High-flier: Raman Kaur Dhaliwal’s Journey from Being a Ground Staff to One of Zubias Threading Salon’s Managers

“When I first started living in Australia, I was completely in deep, terrible thoughts as how to survive – the language, the accent, everything was hard to comprehend. I was afraid that maybe I made the wrong decision to set foot here. But when Zubias Threading opened its arms for me, I know I was in a safe place, embraced with lots of genuine love and career opportunities.”

Raman Kaur Dhaliwal, Zubias Threading

Zubias Threading Kalamunda ManagerBack at the Terminal of Dreams

                Behind the manager we know Raman today; she has undergone numerous challenges which pushed her to where she’s standing now. As we look back to where she came from, let us all be inspired on how this motivated lady hit a home run in Zubias.

Before landing as a staff member in Zubias, Raman has seen planes fly day and night in India’s busy airport. Tearfully reminiscent of those days, she shared, “I can clearly remember the days when I was still working as a ground staff at Chandigarh airport. It was tough for a lady like me. Ground staff in airports perform several important duties to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers as well as the crew members, including checking each baggage, stocking aircraft with refreshments, and cleaning the plane and runway between flights. We do not fly the planes ourselves but are responsible for creating a positive experience for passengers in both the aircraft and the terminal.”

Just like the planes she saw flying high up in the sky, her hopes of having the time of her life is as towering. Soon, she has decided to leave her job, ran away from her comfort zone, and faced her fears of standing on her own feet in a foreign land. She buckled herself with hopes, and readied herself to aboard. Now that she’s the pilot of her own plane, her adventure started to begin.

A Turbulence Along the Way

                The thoughts of starting a new life on her own were not as pleasing as her mind crafted. Many a times she caught herself on the verge of quitting. “When I came to Australia, my first and BIGGEST challenge was the language. It was so difficult; I think my mind’s going to explode… I was completely in deep, terrible thoughts as how to survive… I was then afraid that maybe I made the wrong decision to set foot here. I felt like a rusted plane, so fragile, so vulnerable.”

                The turbulence might have scared her yet she knew that no plane crashed due to turbulence alone. A plane crashes when the pilot feels hopeless and surrenders without exhausting all possible solutions. The trials tested her but never defeated her determination. She struggled real hard to find her own way until she saw a light along the dark, seemingly endless road.

When she joined Zubias Threading in May 2011, she knew by then…it was the light.

Touchdown Zubias Threading

                By the time Raman got hired in
Zubias Threading she felt like a bird which has found its nest. “Zubias Threading opened its arms for me; I know I was in a safe place, embraced with lots of genuine love and career opportunities… Each day I learned new things, my communication became better which boosted my confidence. My managers, my directors, they were so supportive of me. I can hardly imagine myself without bumping into these inspiring people. They were the air pushing behind my frail wings and taught me how to fly strong.”

                “As I start my new life here, I always look back as I am a proud offspring of India and my culture is my fountain of knowledge. I am so blessed that my hometown gifted me the skills of threading. Who would have thought that this humble skill will make me a manager of a big brand? The rusted plane has now evolved. It is ready to fly!

A Pilot Leading the Take Off

                For half a decade of working loyally in Zubias Threading, her biggest break came! The directors and the rest of the team hand-picked Raman to be the manager of the newest salon branch of ZT in Kalamunda.

                How did she qualify? Many things were considered by the team and these were the words from the directors, “Both Rizwan Syed and I (Sandrine Syed) are very, very proud of Raman. She is one of our shining stars of the business. She has grown with the company over the years of her stay with unwavering commitment — she has provided a consistent high standard of customer service, excelled at threading and has been a really nice team player. Moreover, she has worked with different managers and always had good work ethics. She is a genuine person, very honest and with good nature. She was given the opportunity to be a manager because it just sounded right that she has learnt so much over the past few years that she can continue to rise and shine.”

The First Flight

            Zubias Threading Salon in Kalamunda officially operated on the 8th of October 2015. Now, Manager Raman shared to us her first “flight” as a manager in Kalamunda.

                “During the very first day, the launch, I felt so nervous. There’s a new salon on my hand and it was the first day I’d be playing the crucial role of a manager. I couldn’t sleep right the night before, my mind kept on thinking how everything will be on the next day. I tried to control my fears from creeping in and settled myself down.”

“First week at Kalamunda went very nice. People were very excited that we are finally opening here. They don’t need to travel far from their place to avail of ZT’s quality services! When customers started getting in our salon, it felt relaxing for me. I’m the happiest whenever a customer comes in and leaves fully satisfied! I am like a proud mother!”

“First week from opening meant more work – we have to tell everyone around that we are here, so I went to every shop around and gave them our brochures with “2 dollar discount card”. As soon as we circulated those promo brochures, the number of customers on the next days was overwhelming! They even asked for more brochures and helped us spread the news of our launch. They were really kind!”

Viewing the Horizon

                Realizing the huge role she’s into, Raman has put her trust in her team stating, “I love my whole team. I direct them on what to do and they teach me as well. It’s a give-and-take relationship which is really helping every one of us. I can see a brighter future ahead of me, not only for myself and my family, but for the whole ZT team. I would like to invite the people in Kalamunda, ladies and gentlemen, to come and visit Zubias Threading salon here. It’s a nice ride uphill, with a relaxing environment which surely contributes to your overall experience!”

                As a part of Zubias Threading for five years, Raman gladly shares her most hilarious moment at work as we got closer to the end of the interview, she said, “It’s hard to forget how a reasonable number of clients ask us how we do underarm and Brazilian THREADING! It freaks me out, really, that’s how great our threading is because they think we can do those things too! I and my staff always have a great laugh when they ask us that very thing!”

                Raman is a perfect example of how each of us is able to materialize our dreams. With determination and commitment, nothing is impossible. The sky may seem far but it is never unreachable. Dream on, dream high.

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