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The Best Salon in Perth, CBD

Whether you’re getting ready for an event, or are just looking for a relaxing appointment at a great salon, Zubias Threading has everything you need. We offer a wide range of beauty services in Perth CBD and WA that are guaranteed to pamper you pretty without breaking the bank. Our innovative techniques and expert knowledge means that you get the best quality treatments every time, no matter what it is.

Our range of beauty services…

When we first opened Zubias Threading in 2008, we focused on providing the best eyebrow shaping service as a response to a gap in the local market. Now we offer a huge range of services in a number of beauty salons to our clients, using our years of knowledge and experience to get amazing results.

Our range of beauty services in Perth CBD and WA include…


This is the most accurate way to shape your eyebrows while getting longer-lasting effects than waxing or plucking. We use tried and tested techniques that are unique to our service, giving you the finest service around.


Eyebrow tinting gives you the chance to flaunt fuller brows without daily application of make-up.

Lash extensions

Tired of wearing mascara that rubs off throughout the day or transfers onto your skin? Lash extensions can give you longer lashes without any of the fuss!


Our facials can give your skin new life, clearing up any acne problems while allowing you to relax and enjoy feeling pampered.


This is the quickest and most effective way to rid yourself of body hair. Regular waxing can even make your hair grow back thinner.

Henna tattoos

A beautiful, traditional body decoration still used in North Africa and India today, we use 100% natural henna to put beautiful designs on your body.

All of our beauty treatments are performed by fully qualified and expertly trained therapists who keep your care and satisfaction in mind. We make sure that a specific treatment suits your skin or specific preferences and, if not, we can tailor it to your needs. This high-end customer service is what makes ours the best beauty salons in Perth and WA.

Contact us now

To book an appointment with our wonderful staff, call us on 1300 81 40 41. When you choose Zubias Threading, you can be confident that you’ll walk out of the salon feeling better than before!

Eyebrows $20.00
Upper Lip $16.00
Chin $16.00
Sideburns $19.00
Neck $19.00
Forehead $16.00
Full Face Special $69.00
Eyebrow Package (save $10) $90.00
Eyebrows $20.00
Sidecheeks $20.00
Nose $9.00
Ears $9.00
Eyebrows $19.00
Eyelashes $20.00
Lash & Brow Combo $35.00
Underarm $16.00
Half Arm $26.00
Full Arm $36.00
Full Chest or Back $46.00
Lower Navel $16.00
Bikini - Standard $26.00
Bikini - Extended Line $36.00
Bikini - Brazilian $51.00
Upper Half Leg $36.00
Lower Half Leg $31.00
Full Leg $46.00
FACIALS - AYURVEDIC (Indian Richfeel)
Grape $62.00
Saffron $67.00
Skin Whitening $71.00
Party $77.00
Pearl $81.00
Gold $101.00
Natural $140.00
Dramatic $160.00
Coloured $170.00
Eyelash Perming (with Complimentary Tinting) $75.00
1/2 $80.00
1/2 Coloured $85.00
1/4 $45.00
1/4 Coloured $50.00
NEW WASP Lash Kits (DL2, DL3, DL444) $25.00
Complete Package (Pouch) $38.00
Designer Lash Box (Black) $16.00
Glue $7.00
Applicator $7.00
Brow Set, Oval / Black Cap, Brow Set $13.00
Brush on Brow - Blonde $17.00
Brush on Brow - Soft Smoke $17.00
Brush on Brow - Dark Brown $17.00
Brush on Brow - Auburn NEW! $17.00
Brush on Brow - Dark Brown NEW! $17.00
Brush on Brow - Charcoal NEW! $17.00
Brow Sculpt - Blonde NEW! $23.00
Brow Sculpt - Auburn NEW! $23.00
Brow Sculpt - Brunette NEW! $23.00
Brow Tint - Blonde NEW! $20.00
Brow Tint - Fawn NEW! $ 20.00
Brow Tint - Auburn NEW! $ 20.00
Brow Tint - Sable NEW! $20.00
HD Mascara - Carbon Black $16.00
Luxury Mascara - Black NEW! $14.00
Browblender Pencil - Blonde $20.00
Browblender Pencil - Soft Taupe $20.00
Browblender Pencil - Dark Taupe $20.00
Superwear Brow Definer - Soft Taupe $29.00
Superwear Brow Definer - Dark Taupe $29.00
Dual Action Makeup Remover NEW! $23.00
Pencil Sharpener NEW! $4.00
Shadow Quad - Naturalist NEW! $25.00
Shadow Quad - Fashionist NEW! $25.00
Shadow Quad - Smoke NEW! $25.00
Liquiliner - Anisette NEW! $19.00
Liquiliner - Chocolate NEW! $19.00
Brush Brow Definer NEW! $15.00
Brush Blender NEW! $14.00
Brush Shadow NEW! $14.00
Superwear Liner - Noir NEW! $16.00
Superwear Liner - Florentine NEW! $16.00
Superwear Liner - Baroque NEW! $16.00
Superwear Liner - Sienna NEW! $16.00
Superwear Liner - Mystic NEW! $16.00
Powderliner Pencil - Coal NEW! $20.00
Powderliner Pencil - Chocolate NEW! $20.00
General Items
Mist Toner - 60 ml $9.00
Mist Toner - 125 ml $17.95
Brush & Scissor Set $9.00
Foaming Facial Cleanser 80 ml $29.00
Exfoliating Brush $4.00
Cleansing Cream 80 ml $29.00
Witch Hazel Toner 80 ml $29.00
Moisturiser Young Skin 50 ml $34.00
Moisturiser Mature Skin 50 ml $39.00
Designs from $5.00


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