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lash Perming experts perth & wa

Our Zubias lash & brow experts offer a safe and simple technique to professionally perm your eyelashes. Eyelash perming adds an attractive curl to straight lashes, making them look fuller. Expect your eyes to appear larger, more expressive.

NOTE: Lash perming is not suitable for lash extensions.

Eyelash Perming (Complimentary Tinting)...60-90min $79


  • Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes, preferably with an oil-free makeup remover.
  • For 48 hours prior, discontinue use of heavy creams, lotions or Vaseline around your eye area.
  • Remove your contact lenses.
  • Talk to us about any allergies, irritating eye treatments or issues with previous lash tinting, extensions or perming.

Note: once your treatment starts, you’ll need to keep your eyes closed, and lie flat and still for at least 60 minutes. Please set aside enough time so you don’t feel rushed. Treatments usually take 60 to 90 minutes.



To give your lashes the best after-treatment care:

  • Don’t wet your lashes for 24 hours.
  • No swimming, steam, spa, hot baths for at least 48 hours.
  • Don’t rub your lashes when washing your face; pat them dry.
  • Don’t use mascara or perm your lashes (for extensions only).
  • Don’t ever apply creams or cleansers to your lashes and only use 100% oil-free makeup remover.

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