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Once Upon a Franchise: An Inspiring Success Story of Zubias Threading Franchisee Shahin Makani & Kunal Joshi

Shahin Joshi and Kunal Joshi with their first-born.

Shahin Joshi and Kunal Joshi with their first-born.

“Zubias Threading has always been the market leader, the pioneer, and the trendsetter in the segment of beauty industry here in Perth. With the help of my husband- Kunal, we took the next biggest and most thrilling step in our lives – franchising Zubias Threading! And we’re beyond grateful taking on such an amazing ride ever since.”

Shahin Makani, Zubias Threading Franchisee

Humble Beginnings

                To franchise a booming business means to leap over countless hurdles head on. The choice of starting a franchise has always been a turning point in most business-minded people – either they make it as one of the successful franchisees, or worse, they’d drag the brand down and lose all investments made.

                Zubias Threading directors, Sandrine Syed and Rizwan Syed, have always been confident with the marketing power of the brand and have supported qualified and eager franchisees since 2012. Among the successful franchisees, it is with pride and joy to share to the world the humble beginnings and the flourishing story of Zubias Threading’s once part-time worker turned into franchise owners, Shahin Makani and husband Kunal Joshi.

A Leap of Faith

                Truly, opportunity does not knock twice as the old cliché goes. Soon after finishing her Masters in Professional Accounting degree, Shahin has accepted the challenge of working as a franchisee in 2012 when an offer was given to her by the ZT directors. But little did people know that she has been with Zubias Threading since 2009 as a part-time staff working once every week. Juggling her time for studies and work, with determination in her heart, Shahin was triumphant in keeping in touch with her job at Zubias as she has always treasured her work. Her faith in her work made her dream bigger dreams.

Behind Every Successful Woman is a Husband

                Believe it or not, women too have a secret person working behind her success! In Shahin’s case, it has always been her life partner, Kunal. Kunal and Shahin came to Australia as students in 2008. Alongside studying, they worked in different companies to thrive in a foreign land. Kunal worked in sales while Shahin was employed as an accountant.

                Although they had landed on different jobs, both served them well. As Kunal had been exposed in the world of sales and Shahin in accounting, their experiences made managing their own business smooth sailing. In 2012, they owned one of the busiest threading branches of Zubias Threading located in Garden City Salon. As the couple said, “We’re the type of people who are excited to learn new things and rather than looking at problems as hindrances, we took it as an opportunity to learn new ways and adapt with the culture very positively. We worked as partners…without the other, we’d be nothing.”

Magnifying Strengths

                Shahin and her husband have been appreciative of their Indian roots since it is where the art of threading originated. Never have they thought that this Indian practice would soon pave their way to success in a foreign land. Using the words of Shahin, “Australia was very different from India – language, culture, food and many things were completely dissimilar from India. Regardless of that, coming from India and being accustomed to the idea of threading made it very easy to jump in the business as most of Australians were unaware of what threading is and that definitely gave us an advantage.”

Choosing Zubias Threading

            While there were many other shops to be franchised, Shahin and her husband had no doubts with Zubias. When asked why they chose Zubias, Shahin gladly said, “It was a no brainer. Zubias threading is the market leader, the pioneer, and the trendsetter in this segment of beauty industry…so going for other stores was not even an option.  Zubias’ threading technique is highly distinct as it is fast, accurate, and above all, less painful than the other traditional methods. In addition to that, Zubias Threading workers are very confident about their professional approach and excellent customer service. So it’s a complete package.”

Climbing the Ladder to Success

                The initial stage of putting up any business is indeed crucial. Getting all the support you need as franchisees deem to be necessary. In the couple’s situation, they were pleased to have had gained the support of Zubias Threading’s Head Office and Management. As they have said, “We were provided ample support from the head office and the management during the initial stage until today. Training your own staff can be very exhausting but knowing that a lot of hands are willing to help, we felt secured.”

                Moreover, Shahin and Kunal have shared their secrets on how they manage their store. They said, “Zubias Threading Garden City is able to maintain the high standards of customer service and quality threading through many ways: We ensure that our staff is thoroughly trained by us at every stage to meet those standards. We also help our staff by holding monthly meetings and training sessions to keep on top of the game. Further, we also do random checks to make sure that staff is performing their best whenever we are not present at the salon. We take pride in our team and ensure them that they are part of our (Zubias) family.

Challenges and Rewards of Franchisees

When asked about the challenges and rewards of owning a franchise, the couple answered:

“First of all, what we have learned as business owners in the last 2 and half years is more than what we have learned in the previous 25 years. In spite of these, whenever we feel that we know pretty much everything about running this business; it spices things up by springing something new on us. Every day is different. Being able to learn something new each day in is the best reward. As a business owner of a well-known brand has definitely provided us with better social recognition and has improved our standard of living as well.”

“We own Zubias’ busiest salon. It has taught us many things (i.e., working under pressure, managing staff with different background, dealing with super busy environment, etc.) which we need to do to keep the standards high. The amount of responsibilities has gradually increased, too. It is far different to work as a staff than to be the owners. This leaves us with very little social life and entertainment time but we enjoy what we do and have definitely provided us with better life.”

A Family in Zubias

                The Zubias Threading company and its directors have always kept their ties with their team professionally but not forgetting how to treat each individual as a family. When asked about their memorable experience as ZT Franchisees, this was their heart-warming answer: “Well there are plenty of memorable moments with Zubias Threading. But if we have to choose one, we would definitely mention the baby shower organized by our Garden City team for us. As we don’t have any immediate family in Australia, they made us feel that they are our family and gave us a big surprise by organizing a great baby shower and dinner for us. It was really overwhelming. We are their family, they too, are family to us as well. As our baby grows, so is our family in Zubias grows.”

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