Meet The Team Behind The
Best Eyebrow Shaping In Perth

The best thing about Zubias? Our team. We’re a friendly bunch who make you feel welcome every time you walk through the door. We value genuine people with a passion for beauty. This is why visiting Zubias is always a positive experience. We love what we do.

We’re from all over the world

The Zubias team is from all over the world – India, France, Iran, Nepal, England… the list goes on. We’re always welcoming people from different countries and backgrounds to join our salons. We’re one of the most diverse businesses in Australia and we’re proud of it!

We’re Beauty Experts

How did we come to offer the best eyebrow shaping in Perth? With hours and hours of experience and training. All our staff are up to date with the latest beauty techniques. We’re always learning and looking for ways to improve. We live and breathe beauty services. And love sharing our experience with you!


2019 Winner 40 under 40 Award
2018 Optus MyBusiness Award “Beauty Service of the Year”

Sandrine, Co-Founder

Hi I’m Sandrine!

I founded Zubias Threading with my husband Rizwan in 2008. Our goal was to provide affordable and professional beauty treatments to help people look and feel amazing.

We’ve since grown to 21 locations in and around Perth. Our team of lash and brow experts have shaped more than 10 million eyebrows and extended more than 900,000 eyelashes.

Underpinning every one of those treatments is expertise, passion, and a curiosity for innovative beauty salon techniques.

My husband and I traveled to India, France and the US to train with the world’s top hair and beauty experts. We developed an advanced technique for threading that is unique to our Perth beauty salons and remains the cornerstone of our business success.

We’ve become local favourites in Perth and WA by providing a wide range of affordable beauty services, treatments and techniques. And we’re thrilled!
We value every customer who walks through our doors. We want you to feel amazing when you leave.

Affordable eyebrow shaping in Perth is our signature service, but it’s just a fraction of the brilliant services we offer. Because feeling great about yourself is different for everyone.

Rizwan, Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Rizwan!

My wife and I founded Zubias Threading in 2008. From a single market stall, we have successfully grown our venture to 21 locations in and around Perth.

My knowledge of threading dates back to my childhood, where I grew up in India with 5 sisters. That’s a lot of sisters – and a lot of beauty treatments going on in one house! More often than not, I ended up as the threading guinea pig, and a lot of my memories involve having my hair pulled out by my sisters. Safe to say, by my late teens, I knew the technique very well.

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by my father who was a successful businessman. Following in his footsteps, I studied a Masters Degree in Information Systems but quickly decided that was not for me. I wanted to do something with purpose, that was genuine and added value to people’s lives.

It was then that my wife and I came together to create the brainchild that is Zubias. I’ve always had the drive and willpower. And I can see the bigger picture straight away. But I’m not good with details, whereas by wife is brilliant at that. She’s a fantastic organiser and lays beautiful plans.

Together, we are unbeatable, and I knew that from the get-go. I’m so proud we created the best eyebrow shaping in Perth.