Brow Definer Brush

This months feature is a little different from our previous posts; that’s because rather than a make up product, we’re featuring an essential brush from our collection that is sure to impress. The Brow Definer features an angled brush which helps you obtain the most accurate and defined application, along with an easy grip handle to give you the best results.

“Revered by the world’s top makeup artists for their design and performance, Artist Choice Brushes are the tools of the moment. These hand-crafted pieces will be a treasured additions to your collection. Newly upgraded with the finest natural bristles, the Brow Definer is the must-have tool to define or add colour to brows.”

The Brow Definer works with both powder and cream products, ensuring you’re brows are on point no matter what product you’re feeling that day. Click here to shop our Brow Balm or Brush on Brow. As well as being a brow definer, the angle of the brush makes it perfect for accurate eyeliner application as you have full control over the angle of the brush. You can get your hands on this must-have brush for the affordable price of $15.00; Simply visit us in store or you can shop online by clicking HERE.