Claremont Jets Gridiron Club visit Zubias Threading


FIVE Claremont Jets Gridiron Club players jumped on board the “men’s grooming” band wagon and freshened up their looks at Carillon Arcade’s Zubias Threading on Saturday .

Claremont Jets Club Coaching Director and Head Coach Michael Kerr said the “big, burly blokes” participated in eyebrow threading and ear hair removal.

“It’s about realising it’s important to not only keep their wives and girlfriends happy by keeping their brows and facial hair in check, but also the effort can provide men with a higher confidence level and doesn’t have to be feminine,” he said.

Zubias Threading approached the guys in an effort to lift their confidence, after a hard start to the season with two losses.

The team leapt at the chance to get on board.

Club President Bart Mills said it was only with the support of local businesses, like Zubias Threading, that the club could grow and become stronger.

“What was surprising was the players’ reaction to the idea of getting the grooming done,” he said.

“At first they were nervous but the response and excitement after they did it was positive and exciting, with several saying they would definitely do it again.”

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