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Brow Lamination Perth

Want Insta-worthy brows? We got you! Big brows are hot right now and brow lamination gives you the look.

Eyebrow Lamination is the latest brow trend to hit Perth. It corrects unruly brows, fills in the gaps and gives the illusion of major hair growth. You’ll have big, beautiful brows in no time.

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Brow Lamination


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How does brow lamination work?

Brow lamination is like a perm. It’s a solution that changes the structure of your brow and sets your hair into a new position.

What to expect from your appointment? We start by threading your brows to define the shape and get rid of any unwanted hair.

We then apply a YUMI solution (leaders in lashes and brows) and comb your eyebrows upwards so all the hairs are facing the same way.

Once it sets, a hydrating keratin serum is applied and a natural-looking tint is put over the top. Your eyebrows will look thicker, fuller, straighter and combed into the ideal shape.

Why laminate your brows?

A less painful and expensive alternative to microblading
Brow Lamination is a great alternative to microblading. It’s less invasive and gives you a similar effect without the high price tag.

Fills in gaps
Are you always filling in gaps in your eyebrows with a pencil? Brow lamination covers those empty spaces, giving you fuller-looking brows.

Gives a thicker appearance
Wonder how influencers achieve those thick, feathery brows? Get the look with lamination.

It lasts for 4-6 weeks
Say goodbye to morning grooming! Your lamination lasts 4-6 weeks.

It’s vegan
YUMI Lamination is vegan and cruelty-free.

Perth Brow Lamination FAQs

If you have sufficient eyebrow hair, you can have the treatment! It’s perfect for people with sparse or thinning hair.

Brow Lamination involves applying a solution on your brows to fix them in one direction. We then tint your brows and finish them off with a nourishing serum mask for hydration. The entire process takes about 45 minutes.

YUMI is a leader in brows and lashes. YUMI Brow is the solution we use to laminate your brow. All YUMI’s products include keratin, which nourish your brow while treating them

We recommend avoiding makeup, spray tan, henna brow or harsh peels for 24 hour before the treatment. These may cause a barrier, affecting the results.

Avoid water or moisture including sweating from exercise for 48 hours after treatment.

Brow lamination lasts up to 6-8 weeks, sometimes even 12 weeks depending on aftercare.

Try your best not to rub your brows. Avoid wearing waterproof makeup on the brow area, or anything requiring oil-based makeup remover to remove it. Avoiding any strong exfoliation and chemical peels.