Henna Tattoo

Get henna tattoos for your special event – Henna Tattoo Perth

Have you always wanted a tattoo but don’t want to commit to a real one? Looking for a cool accessory for a birthday or wedding?

Henna tattoos have been around for over 9,000 years. In many countries, henna is thought to bring good luck.

Henna tattoos are popular for weddings, engagement parties, and hens nights. They’re a great way to get the girls together before the big event, while you pick from many henna designs.


Our Henna Tattoos Perth

We use 100% natural henna imported from India, containing fruit juices, sugar and essential oils (eucalyptus) – no harsh chemicals!

We create special designs for you and your friends, or you can choose your own traditional design.

Henna Tattoos look great on hands, arms and feet. And they last up to 3 weeks!

Traditional Indian wedding designs

Getting married? Want a traditional Indian henna tattoo? Let us design a statement piece for your special occasion.

Book your henna tattoo as part of an exclusive hens spa day with your friends. Get your tattoo along with other beauty treatments.

Henna Tattooing FAQs

Yes. Henna is a natural herb known for its treatment of skin irritations and minor burns. It also conditions the skin. Note: Some people have allergic reactions to henna. It’s wise to get a patch test if you have never tried henna before.

No. Natural henna takes two days to reach its full colour. It begins as an orange stain then deepens to a reddish-brown colour. Henna products that claim to give you other colours are not natural and could harm your skin. tis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Henna tattoos last 1-3 weeks depending on your skin type and aftercare.