Top 10 Interviews – Casey Gemmell

Recently, we held a West Australia wide competition to find the new “Face of Zubias”. Our winners have now been chosen & begun embarking on their new roles as Brand Ambassadors, to read more about this click HERE. Prior to electing our winners, we interviewed our top 10 finalists – who were successful in receiving the most amount of likes on their photos; so join us through this series where we discover an insight into the thoughts & opinions of our top 10 finalists. In no particular order, we begin with Casey; a fiery red head & natural beauty.

C A S E Y . G E M M E L L

1. What do you think are the main qualities in a Zubias Brand Ambassador?
“The main qualities of a Zubias Ambassador are of course great brows but also confidence and an approachable attitude.”

2. How important are your eyebrows to you? In your opinion, what makes the perfect set of brows?
“Ok for me right now eyebrows are life!!! Having only started acknowledging mine in the last 18 months I can’t believe how much they can add to your face shape and take your look from girl day Friday to smouldering sexy kitten with a touch of TLC.”

3. What does your current brow routine consist of?
“After my lovely Zubias ladies attend to them I keep them maintained with daily brushing, on makeup free days I run a little coconut oil on them, on makeup days I use my brow palette and combine the 2 lighter brown shades to give the 3D look…”

4. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things – what would they be?
“Only 3?!?!? My phone (for music a mirror a diary and candy crush) A hammock (to sleep and sun bake on) and of course my gorgeous husband (for obvious reasons) haha”

5. What is your current favourite beauty trend?
“I am currently teaching myself through a million tutorials the perfect contour and highlight to achieve different looks…”