Top 10 Interviews – Madeline McAllan

Recently, we held a West Australia wide competition to find the new “Face of Zubias”. Our winners have now been chosen & begun embarking on their new roles as Brand Ambassadors, to read more about this click HERE. Prior to electing our winners, we interviewed our top 10 finalists – who were successful in receiving the most amount of likes on their photos; so join us through this series where we discover an insight into the thoughts & opinions of our top 10 finalists. In no particular order, today we are interviewing Madeline; Bold brow lover & Instagram brow protester.

M A D E L I N E . M C A L L A N

1. What do you think are the main qualities in a Zubias Brand Ambassador?
“A Zubias brand ambassador should obviously have perfect eyebrows and an outgoing, fun, positive personality.”

2. How important are your eyebrows to you? In your opinion, what makes the perfect set of brows?
“My eyebrows are very important to me. They are my most outstanding physical feature and I take great pride in ensuring they look amazing at all times. People will often comment positively on my eyebrows . I feel what makes the perfect set of eyebrows is that the shape and colour should suit the individual and can still be a bold feature, and look natural.”

3. What does your current brow routine consist of?
“I comb my eyebrows through and lightly fill them in to give them slightly more definition. I will often use light, upward feathery strokes with my eyebrow product to make my eyebrows look very natural, but stylish. I will use a small amount of eyebrow gel to hold and set them in place. I maintain my beautiful eyebrows with regular monthly threading sessions to make sure they look their best at all times.”

4. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things – what would they be?
“First and foremost— an eyebrow survival kit. This would include an eyebrow brush, tweezers and gel. I believe water is an important survival staple, but second to the eyebrow survival kit. And…. Matches.”

5. What are your thoughts on the current “Instagram” brow trend?
“In all honesty, I don’t approve of the Instagram Brow trend. I feel it can be unnatural, and although there is nothing wrong with having bold and defined eyebrows, this trend is very over exaggerated at times.”