Top 10 Interviews – Shanaya Peters

Recently, we held a West Australia wide competition to find the new “Face of Zubias”. Our winners have now been chosen & begun embarking on their new roles as Brand Ambassadors, to read more about this click HERE. Prior to electing our winners, we interviewed our top 10 finalists – who were successful in receiving the most amount of likes on their photos; so join us through this series where we discover an insight into the thoughts & opinions of our top 10 finalists. In no particular order, today we have Shanaya; Is hot sauce the key to her confidence?

S H A N A Y A . P E T E R S

1. What do you think are the main qualities in a Zubias Brand Ambassador?
“A Zubias Brand Ambassador should exude confidence in promoting the brand and seize every opportunity to show off their killer Zubias threaded brows! They should also have an outgoing personality and positive attitude to reflect Zubias high quality of services offered by their members of staff.”

2. How important are your eyebrows to you? In your opinion, what makes the perfect set of brows?
“My eyebrows are extremely important to me! I have always been complimented on my eyebrows ever since I was young and have been maintaining them by getting them threaded at Zubias ever since I was 15! I believe natural brows that are slightly thick with a nice arch and tapered end makes a prefect set of brows!”

3. What does your current brow routine consist of?
“I love keeping my eyebrows natural so I usually get my eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks and tidy them up myself between appointments. I use an eyebrow gel to keep hairs in place and occasionally fill in sparse areas. Other than that, I just comb them out with an eyebrow comb and I’m out the door!”

4. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things – what would they be?
“They would be eyebrow gel, hot sauce and my mum! Can’t live without any of those haha!”

5. What is your opinion on the current “Instagram brow” trend?
“I honestly love it! I think it’s an art within itself and am obsessed with watching eyebrow tutorials! It’s amazing to see how you can transform your brows into the brows of your dreams!”