Top 10 Interviews – Stephanie Henny Trinh

Recently, we held a West Australia wide competition to find the new “Face of Zubias”. Our winners have now been chosen & begun embarking on their new roles as Brand Ambassadors, to read more about this click HERE. Prior to electing our winners, we interviewed our top 10 finalists – who were successful in receiving the most amount of likes on their photos; so join us through this series where we discover an insight into the thoughts & opinions of our top 10 finalists. In no particular order, today we have Stephanie, who has been representing brand as one of three Faces of Zubias!

S T E P H A N I E . H E N N Y . T R I N H

1. What do you think are the main qualities in a Zubias Brand Ambassador?
“Knowledge about Zubias threading & their products, actively promoting & supporting the brand (i.e. social media). Can be an example of the brand (ie. presentable eyebrows threaded by Zubias). Be approachable, friendly & professional.”

2. How important are your eyebrows to you? In your opinion, what makes the perfect set of brows?
“My brows are very important to me as I believe the brows frame the face & is the key to looking good naturally with minimal effort. The perfect set of brows to me are threaded brows by Zubias (more accurate, effective, long lasting, gentle & safe compared to waxing). I prefer a narrow, broad brow with a small arch towards the end of the brow – I find this type of brow shape suits my facial features & Zubias Threading does an amazing job for me – I’m definitely happy, thank you!”

3. What does your current brow routine consist of?
“Threading about once a month at Zubias. Zubias Brow Set daily to keep them neat & tidy. When I’m going out it’s Zubias Brow Balm using Zubia’s Brow Definer brush & Brow Set to finish.”

4. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things – what would they be?
“If I could, I’d bring Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, the famous Man vs Wild enthusiast, so I’ve got a good guide looking after me (if not, then a Survival kit). A solar still (ie Eliodomestico) to make sure enough potable water is available while I’m stuck on the island. My precious emergency Zubias kit which includes all my favourite products (so I will be worth saving)

5. What is your current favourite beauty trend?
Because I love sparkly things, my current favourite is the glitter eye shadow trend!