Zubias Brow Set

This months product feature is the Brow Set from our original make up range; this brow gel is a lot more than meets the eye and has many diverse uses. What makes this product so great is that the gel is clear which makes it perfect for those on-the-go who want error free brow shaping. With that said, the Brow Set can be used for so much more than just brows! As the gel is clear, this product can also be used as a mascara to keep your lashes in place, or to hold male moustaches or sideburns in place to avoid any stray hairs and ensure you always look sharp.

The gel formula is flake resistant which means it stays in place all day, and the size of the product makes it perfect to throw in your bag if any top ups are needed. Due to the gel formula, the Brow Set is able to seal in any brow pencil or powders applied to keep your eyebrows looking on point all day long. This product can also be used as a brow magnet which creates a primer-like base for powder products such as the Zubias Brush on Brow powder.

A key ingredient of this product is Panthenol which unlike other brow gels, is used to condition the brow hairs rather than make them more brittle. Also known as Vitamin B5 this improves elasticity in hair, and provides hydration to the skin which makes it a multi functioning product. This product retails for $13 and along with the rest of our make up range is available on our website, aswell as in store – if you would like a free demonstration you can ask one of our friendly staff and they will be happy to show you.

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