Zubias Founder, Riz Syed on the The Small Business Big Marketing Show

Riz and his wife founded Zubias Threading in 2008 to provide affordable and professional beauty treatments to help our Perth customers look and feel amazing. They’ve since grown to more than 30 locations in and around Perth and their team of lash & brow experts have shaped more than 10 million eyebrows and extended more than 900,000 eyelashes. Underpinning every one of those treatments is their expertise, passion and curiosity for innovative beauty salon techniques.

“I’ve got the drive and I’ve got the willpower; and I can see the end and the bigger picture straight away. I’m just not good at detail! Whereas my wife is brilliant at that. She’s a fantastic organiser and lays beautiful plans. So together, we are unbeatable; and I knew that from the get-go.” -Riz Syed, Zubias Threading

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